Clarifying my trip to Best Buy…

So I posted on a message board about my trip to Best Buy and the responses were either, “I had that same thing happen,” or, “Well, you’re the idiot for not looking in the A section. You could’ve done that, but it’s way more fun to feel superior to other people that you clearly think are idiots.” So I went back and left the message below in an attempt to clarify the situation.

After reading the responses to my story I feel I need to clarify a few things as I feel I’m being painted as a pain-in-the-ass-douchebag customer, which is not the case. I’ve worked in customer service for a long time and have seen those characters. I am not one of them, I assure you.

I definitely understand this is an obscure new release, but keep in mind that Best Buy was promoting this release with their coupon. A coupon that is on the Adrenaline Mob Facebook page only because it is linked from one of Best Buy’s Facebook pages called Best Buy Music Gear. On this page they say, “Be sure to pick up this amazing new Adrenaline Mob CD tomorrow at all Best Buy stores” and “This album will for sure be on our “Best 12 of 2012″ list in December.” From these statements, more so the first than the second as I just read the second comment today, I was led to believe that this release was a bigger deal to Best Buy than it turned out to be.

It has been suggested that it’s my fault for not finding the disc right away because I didn’t look in the ‘a’ section upon arriving at Best Buy. I re-read my post and I did not note that I, in fact, had done just that after failing to find the disc among the “New Releases.” So I started at NR, went to A, went back to NR when the employee approached me. From NR we both went back to A and couldn’t find it.

There are also some facts that I didn’t relay pertaining to the ‘A’ section. It began with Bruce Springsteen. When the A’s did start they were not alphabetical. Remember I found the CDs behind Aerosmith. ‘Ad’ should come before ‘Ae,’ right? I would later learn from the person I described as OCD that she didn’t like that the CDs weren’t in alphabetic order like she thought they should be. One reason they aren’t was that in her experience “young people, as well as some older people don’t know the alphabet.”

At no time did I feel superior to any of the Best Buy employees, and posting of my experience wasn’t meant to relay that “they are all idiots,” but instead to vent my frustration at the whole process and perhaps entertain a bit while doing so. “Be kind; Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I chose this space as a place to do so after reading of the hassles others experienced at their local Best Buy stores.

I want to say a huge assumption was made that my attitude was disruptive and ruined peoples days, but I didn’t really make clear in my post that I didn’t display any attitude. Not even to the cashier who, in my opinion was really asking to be vented upon. In fact, EVERYONE left the exchange with a smile. The 2nd time I went through the cashiers line I even left her chuckling a little bit. I didn’t blow up on anyone because that wouldn’t have been very productive. OCD thanked me for showing her where the discs were hiding, and sounded genuine. I don’t actually think that she could be disingenuous. She was just wired differently than most folks. So as far as I could tell no days were ruined, not even mine. My lunch was crippled a bit, but I managed.

There also seemed to be some confusion over the “rap” comment. Again, I wasn’t saying OCD was stupid because she didn’t know this CD wasn’t rap. She seemed like a pretty smart person, in fact. She was very articulate and enthusiastic, but she had some ticks that were amusing. Like when she was pointing at nearly every disc we passed and saying, “Is that it? No, that’s Adele. Is that it? No, that’s Meat Loaf. Etc.” Really it wasn’t amusing that she was saying it, but it was the way she was so excited every time she thought she’d found it coupled with the number of times in a short period of time in which she became hyper-excited only to be utterly disappointed by the CD at which she was pointing.

So that’s more of my story. I think that’s the rest of it, to be honest, but I can never be sure.