It begins…

“Please say you’ve at least thought about starting on creating a blog.” So I did.
“You’ve at least thought about starting on creating a blog.” She couldn’t hear me. I was speaking to the phone on which I’d just read her text message. I’d be telling her that I’d done as she instructed and didn’t want to be a liar.

I sent a message back to her informing her that I’d done as instructed. “So you’re working on one, really?” She hadn’t understood the joke. I can’t blame her. It wasn’t funny, and I know that, even though I tried to convince her it was worth at least an eye-roll and a small chuckle. She rolls her eyes a lot in regards to my nonsensicalness. I count each as a trophy.

I’d mentioned to her over a basket of fries last week that I’d looked into which service to use. She didn’t remember or, more likely, was growing impatient having been cracking the whip for a while. I was attempting to explain why I’d chosen WordPress when another crack of the whip landed. “OR you could just PICK one, any one, and make it cool and get started. But i know that’s not your style.” I think it landed on my ass because there is a crack there. Queue the eye-roll.

So I’m two thirds of the way there. I’ve picked one, this one, and I’m getting it started. I not sure about making it cool, I mean, I just made a “my ass has a crack in it” joke. It’s early so maybe there’s hope. I think I hear Meat Loaf singing, “Don’t be sad, cuz two out of three ain’t bad.”

I hope it’s not coming from the crack.